Furthering of Tissue Rights

Authors' Opinion

Alexander Rosales-

With the development of tissue rights, over time, research and the progression of science will be set at a slower pace. New rights or solidifying of rights will bring a brake for doctors to being able go as they please. Patients will begin to hear of how their bodies will help science and help make a lot of money. They will begin to want a cut for what they have contributed. However there is no form of law or conditions that allow these patients, legally, to receive any compensation for what their bodies may or may not contribute to research unless doctors inform the patients. Research in this perspective will begin to take more time therefore causing many problems that could potentially effect peoples cures and abilities to live their lives. If more strict laws are to be passed, then research and science will take a great blow to advancement and efficiency.

Mayra Avina-

The furthering of tissue rights is seen as necessary to many people, but we usually do not stop and think what would be the effect on us. Medical advances depend a lot on the society in order to create new vaccines. Making regulations stricter will slow down medical research and experiments which could further the cure for deadly diseases. Many people have the fear that their identity could be stolen or any similar things. The fact is that if nobody wanted to donate or give up their cells to researchers then It would be real hard to advance in the medical world. The doctors would not have the available tools, in this case cells, to make scientific discoveries needed to stop many viruses present now days. Furthering of tissue rights will possibly slow down scientific research, but it would help prevent medical malpractice similar to Henrietta Lack's and John Moore's case.

Nolita Ihama-

Furthering tissue rights will only slow the development of research because people will want to have more rights on their tissues, and could deny doctors the right to take their tissues, or even use them for research. This could cause research to take more time to be established because there would be less people who want to give their tissues up. When there is an abundance in tissues, doctors are able to perform many types of tests that lead to many advancements in medicine. But when people hold on to their tissues (with the advancement of tissue rights) then less medical innovations are made.